Who are we?

Continuous development, innovation and progress have been the leading themes throughout Percenta’s history which starts from 2008 when the company introduced nanoproducts to the European market.

Percenta created its reputation as an innovative consultant and trader. The company is established in the early 2008 and back then it offers cleaning materials and detergents to its clients. By the next year it turns its attention to more innovative hi-tech cleaning solutions and starts pioneering a completely new breed of cleaning products, based entirely on nanotechnology.

It is 2009 when Percenta establishes a successful, rewarding partnership with some of the leading nanotechnology companies in Europe in order to improve. Since then the company actively participates in each process concerning its products – from their development to their popularization and distribution in Europe. Improved quality, wide variety and friendly service are only a small part of what Percenta is constantly aiming to offer to its clients.

Today Percenta is one of the leading nanotechnology companies in Europe with a multitudinous team of people eager to work in order to satisfy the needs of the market nowadays. Combining comprehensive capabilities and unparalleled experience in this innovative industry of nanotechnology products, Percenta collaborated with its clients to provide them products of highest quality and guarantee.

Why you can trust us?
  • Our products are manufactured entirely in Germany.
  • We use only the best materials complying with German quality standarts.
  • In 2011 Percenta registers its brand at OHIM – The Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market.