Bathroom Cleaner

Percenta Bathroom Cleaner is a delicate product allowing thorough cleaning of the materials with the innovative micro-splitting process which breaks down the molecule of the dirt into separate particles thus removing them efficiently without harmful surfactants, enzymes, bleaching agents or dissolving agents.


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Percenta Bathroom Cleaner is an amazing product allowing thorough cleaning of the bathroom surfaces. It removes limescale, dirt, oil, etc.



  • Removes limescale, dirt, oil, grease, mud, soot
  • Does not contain dissolving or bleaching agents
  • Economical use


Areas of application:
Indoor glass surfaces, ceramics, terracotta, majolica
Baths, tubs, sinks, shower screens, toilets, mirrors, etc
Do not use on marble!

Shake well before using. The application should be checked at an inconspicuous spot or a sample.
Apply the product on the surface. Let it take effect 5-10 minutes. Wipe with dry cloth. No rinsing necessary.

Dilution: none
Environmental conditions: 5 – 30oC, humidity <70%
Application temperature: 5 – 30oC

Storage temperature: 5 – 30oC
Shelf life: 24 months


Please observe:

  • Avoid inhaling sprayed products
  • Do not mix different products
  • Proper dosage saves costs and environmental impacts
  • Not tested on animals
  • Keep out of reach of children

Additional information

Weight N/A

500 ml


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