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Fire Protection All in One

Percenta Fire Protection is used where objects in homes and buildings which are at risk of being destroyed by fire have to be treated directly e.g. wood, cardboard, papers, grass, curtains, carpets, mattresses, wigs, textiles, paper, packaging, burning oil etc.

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  • Prevents flame formation
  • Outstanding fire defense
  • Can be used on all cultivations
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to handle

There are known fire-inhibiting agents, which in a low-viscosity aqueous solution contain, amongst other substances, a phosphate. The action of fire-inhibiting agents of this type is that of intumescences, meaning the effect of fire-repelling foam on the outbreak of fire. Phosphates are hence used for the purpose of supporting the carbonization, but not as the primary means of fire prevention. Phosphoric compounds with epoxy resin mixtures containing fire-inhibiting substances are subject to incessant criticism in that they do not provide sufficiently sustained protection against fire.

The addition of wetting agents to the fire-inhibiting protection of combustible objects has the major advantage that the wetting of the surface of the object to be protected is improved. If only an aqueous solution of a phosphate is applied to a the surface to be protected, for example to a wood surface, it is observed that after drying the sprayed-on salt solution will form crystals, thereby rendering itself inept to counteract fire.

Percenta Fire Protection

The addition of wetting agents with a special binding effect (patented) has proven successful in binding the crystal which forms on drying; thereby creating a thin enveloping coating of the phosphate medium and substantially improves the resistance to fire. The new fire-inhibiting agent has the great advantage of being explicitly friendly to the environment. Phosphates are fertilizers, and should not be dispersed in nature, amongst other reasons because they contaminate the water.

When Percenta Fire Protection is used outdoors, the protective film it forms is washed off by rain or melted snow into the ground only moderately, or not at all, so that natural growth organisms are not affected. Thanks to the freedom from toxicity class the crucial soil ratio is neither changed nor interrupted. Percenta Fire Protection connotes such phosphates with which an endothermic decomposition reaction takes place.

Since with the applied Percenta Fire Protection solution no solvents are used, water is used as the carrier medium so that Percenta Fire Protection can be used on all cultivations, forests, prairies and the like. The normal decaying effect is not thereby interrupted, nor the nutrition-related process disrupted. For example, leaves and grasses can be consumed by animals and insects and digested in the normal way. No side effects are known.


For the combating of a fire, as an extinguishing liquid Percenta Fire Protection have outstanding characteristics. It has a lower viscosity than water. Burning objects are more effectively wetted. In particular, the extinguishing liquid does not evaporate as fast as normal water at the high temperatures caused by the fire.

When the Percenta Fire Protection extinguishing liquid is sprayed on an object, the object being extinguished is cooled down by the endothermic reaction, and extinguishing water does not evaporate as quickly as normal water does. The burning objects can therefore be wetted more effectively, making it easier to extinguish the fire and avoiding the high temperatures that normally occur on a fire. When catching fire, impregnated objects are immediately cooled, will therefore not burn, and cannot be ignited easily. Extinguishing water becomes a chemical water/oxygen mixture and forms detonating gas.

Percenta Fire Protection is hence excellently suited as a prophylactic. Thanks to the water-repellent protective film of Percenta Fire Protection the fire-inhibiting effect remains active until the normal growth of the objects requires a new treatment. Dead materials outdoors therefore only has to be sprayed with a new protective coating only every 3 to 5 years (depending on air humidity and rainfall).


Aerially applied, Percenta Fire Protection can reduce the spread and intensity of veldt and mountain fires. Percenta Fire Protection is used as a fire extinguisher which needs no maintenance and is easy to use. Percenta Fire Protection is available as a spraying agent in different quantities. Percenta Fire Protection is used as prevention on all flammable materials. Percenta Fire Protection is used where objects in homes and buildings which are at risk of being destroyed by fire have to be treated directly e.g. wood, cardboard, papers, grass, curtains, carpets, mattresses, wigs, textiles, paper, packaging, burning oil etc.


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