Nano Coatings Percenta ®

Your one-stop solution for cutting-edge surface protection. Harnessing the power of nanotechnology, we offer an array of nano coatings designed to provide superior hydrophobic and waterproof properties to various surfaces.

Nanocoatings are ultra-thin layers of protective materials, sized on a scale of nanometers. They are engineered to enhance the properties of a surface, making it resistant to water, dirt, rust, UV. Our product range is designed to deliver robust and long-lasting results, regardless of application.

Whether you are looking to protect car surfaces from rain, UV-radiation, rust. Shield your bathroom from limescale incrustations, fungal growth. Or make your windows self-clean our nanocoatings provide a superior level of protection. Due to their hydrophobic nature, they repel water and other liquids. Nano Coatings Percenta ® ensuring that your valuable possessions are kept in optimal condition.

Our nanocoatings are also easy to apply and bind seamlessly to your chosen surface, ensuring a smooth and polished finish. Despite their high level of durability, our nanocoatings are incredibly thin, maintaining your item’s original look and feel while providing utmost protection.

Moreover, our products are crafted with sustainability in mind. These ultra-thin coatings, despite their remarkable strength, have a minimal environmental footprint. This makes our nanocoatings a smart choice for the conscious consumer.

Explore our premium range of the best nano coatings – ultra-thin, durable layers expertly designed to provide hydrophobic and waterproof surface protection and enhancement. Resistant to water, dirt, rust, UV radiation, low temperatures, our nanocoatings leverage breakthrough nanotechnology for numerous applications. Upgrade your surfaces and experience unmatched protective qualities today.